St Andrew’s, West Bradenham

Open daily from 9am - 3pm.
Wheelchair accessible
Parking nearby
Important stained glass
Grade I

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This church building is often locked but a key is available nearby. There will be a notice in the church porch with details of where the key is held.

St Andrew's Church is situated in a delightful churchyard of Scots pine and chestnut. Access is down a twisting lane over a ford of the River Wissey. The window at the west end of the nave is particularly tall. Look up at the decorative flushwork on the tower. Inside there is a fine piscina, triple sedilia and aumbry in the chancel. Notice the Jacobean chest by the door which came from Ely Cathedral. James Bentham, the rector who presented this, is commemorated by a memorial in the chancel. He came from a long line of clerics spanning three centuries. West Bradenham was home to the Haggard family. The author Henry Rider Haggard was born here and the surname features heavily in the church and churchyard.

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