St Mary’s, Burnham Deepdale

Open daily dawn to dusk.
Wheelchair accessible
Shop(s) or amenities nearby
Parking nearby
Footpath, trail or cycle route
Important stained glass
Grade II*

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St Mary's is an enchanting little church. Part of the collection of Burnham villages, Burnham Deepdale enjoyed thriving trade in the 13th century. The River Burn was used by seagoing vessels but gradually silted up and there is marshland just north of the church. The round tower dates to the 11th century. All of the windows were replaced in the 19th century but the nave and chancel are of late Early English origin. A nave window is glazed with a mishmash of medieval stained glass fragments, including a moon with a cheery face. The great treasure of the church is the Seasonal Font. Its square Norman bowl displays carvings of figures carrying out the appropriate work for each month of the year, complete with a frieze of foliage and lions. Start on the north face and look left to right: drinking in January, warming feet in February, digging in March, Pruning in April, processing in May, weeding in June, scything in July, sheaf binding in August, threshing in September, grinding corn in October, slaughtering a pig in November and feasting in December.

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