St Maurice’s, Briningham

Open daily dawn to dusk.

If St Maurice's Church look slightly unusual at first glance it is because its tower is situated on the south side. There are about a dozen churches in Norfolk with this configuration and they all date from the early 14th century. Notice the remarkable window on the south side of the nave with flowing tracery and the delicate fluted columns of the chancel arch. Two imposing wooden figures, of the Virgin and Child and St Maurice, stand in their statue niches at the east end of the sanctuary. The originals would have been destroyed in the 16th century. There is an elegant Christ figure on the north wall of the nave which is a memorial to the Brereton family. The Breretons were major landowners here and in nearby Brinton. A large monument in the churchyard depicts a haltered bear, the family emblem. They were descended from the famous 17th century Admiral of the Fleet Sir Cloudesley Shovell.

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