St Stephen’s, Norwich

Church and café open Monday to Friday 10am to 3pm
Toilets nearby
Wheelchair accessible
Shop(s) or amenities nearby
Parking nearby
Footpath, trail or cycle route
Important stained glass
Grade I

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St Stephen's Church is in the heart of Chapelfield. The first documented mention of the church is a 12th century royal charter when royal endowments were bestowed upon the Benedictine Priory in Norwich Cathedral in return for the monks providing and supporting a priest to serve the parish of St Stephen’s. The chancel was re-built around 1522 and the nave was re-built in 1547. Notice that the corbels of the chancel roof are more elaborate than those of the nave. This is because post-reformation styles of building and decoration were much simpler. Much of the original stained glass of St Stephen’s Church was destroyed during the English Civil War when a nearby powder magazine exploded. The church was luckier in 1942 when a bomb fell in the churchyard and failed to explode.

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