St Mary’s, Bylaugh by Matthew McDade

St Mary’s, Bylaugh

Keyholder details are displayed on the door.
Parking nearby
Grade I

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St Mary’s, Bylaugh by Matthew McDade

This church building is often locked but a key is available nearby. There will be a notice in the church porch with details of where the key is held.

St Mary's Church is truly unlike any other. Its unusual appearance is due to a largely Norman round tower, diminutive nave and chancel, and wide yet flat transepts. It was extensively rebuilt in 1809, which saw the addition of box pews, fire places and a harmonium. The transept pinnacles are in fact disguised chimneys. This Georgian interior escaped later Victorian alterations, perhaps because the rector, Mr Norgate, stayed in this post from his ordination in 1836 until his death, aged 96, in 1908. The three-decker pulpit is the best in the country. On one side stairs lead up to the pulpit, whilst on the other they lead down into a mini vestry, shielded from the public by a curtain.

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