St Peter’s, Brooke by Matthew McDade

St Peter’s, Brooke

Open daily 9am-4pm.
Wheelchair accessible
Shop(s) or amenities nearby
Parking nearby
Important stained glass
Grade II*

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St Peter’s, Brooke by Matthew McDade

St Peter's Church has a round Norman tower with 15th century chequer-work on the parapet. The church was restored in the mid 19th century. Step into a wide, light interior due to the lack of coloured glass. The main treasure is the seven sacrament font. Such fonts are found predominantly in East Anglia, with the highest concentration in Norfolk. They depict the Catholic sacraments and were created to enforce orthodoxy at a time of religious unrest. This one dates from 1470 and is similar to that at seething. Clockwise from the east face: mass, confirmation, penance, extreme unction, the Crucifixion, baptism, ordination and matrimony. The baptism panel shows the baby being lowered into the water as full immersion was standard during the medieval period. The figures around the stem have all lost their heads. Traces of the original colour have survived.

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