St Agnes, Cawston

Open daily dawn to dusk.
Wheelchair accessible
Shop(s) or amenities nearby
Parking nearby
Footpath, trail or cycle route
Important stained glass
Rood screen
Angel roof
Wall painting
Grade I

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This large church dates from the 14th century and lies at the centre of the village. The bell tower rises almost 120 feet (37 metres) and is visible for miles around. Inside, the fine hammer beam roof supports a choir of carved angels with outspread wings. More are situated along the cornice and the apex. Bring binoculars to fully appreciate the detail. The 16th century rood screen is a real treasure, one of the three best rood screens in Norfolk (alongside Barton Turf and Ranworth). It depicts St Agnes, St Helena, St Thomas, St John the Evangelist, St James the Great, St Andrew, St Paul, St Peter, the Four Latin Doctors, St James the Less, St Bartholomew, St Philip, St Simon, St Jude, St Matthew, St Matthias and Sir John Schorne. Small fragments of glass remain on the screen, which would have created an ethereal glimmering effect. The ornate piscina features a dragon and wildman in the spandrels. You may be wondering why there is a plough in the church! The inscription along the front of the 15th century ringers' gallery provides a clue: 'God spede the plow and send us ale corn enow our purpose for to make a crow of cok of ye plowlete of Sygate, be mery and glade wat good ale yis work mad.' This is a pun on the name Wat Goodale, the donor of the gallery. The Plough Inn closed in the 1960s and the sign was given to the church.

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